Breast reduction

Excessive breast size is a serious problem that sometimes occurs after adolescence and sometimes after birth. As a result of overloading of the neck vertebrae due to the weight of the breasts, serious health problems may occur in later years. Different surgical methods are employed depending on the tissue excess in the breasts. In cases of excess below a certain limit, surgeries can be performed with incisions similar to those performed in breast augmentation, that is, those causing vertical scarring. For those above this limit, the method known as reverse T is used, in which the incisions extend both vertically and horizontally. In all breast reduction surgery, some amount of breast tissue and surrounding fat tissue is rmoved in order to decrease volume. However, the remaining breast tissue is sufficient to allow for both aesthetic appearance and breast-feeding. After this operation, the patient stays in hospital for 1 or 2 days. There may be mild pain for several days. One can resume work in 4-5 days. A support bra is recommended for 3 months.

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