Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Sagging of breasts can occur in different degrees and types. It is one of the conditions that make women most uncomfortable in terms of aesthetics. If there is volume loss along with sagging, and silicone prosthesis application is requested, in some cases, this sag can be corrected merely with prosthesis application. Most of the time, an operation is also required for uplift. Depending on the condition of the breasts, different surgical methods have been developed. In the method used frequently in recent years, it has been possible to limit the incision marks resulting from the uplifting process to the areola and to a vertical line extending slightly downwards from the areola. Thus, the incision marks do not extend to the sides and they all remain in the bra or bikini. During this process, almost all of the breast tissue is preserved. This poses no risks against subsequent pregnancy and lactation. A night is spent at the hospital following the surgery. One can resume work in 2-3 days. A support bra is recommended for 2-3 months. Sports and similar activities can be started at the end of a month.

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